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cloud612's Journal

Diary Of A Madman

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Holy smokes, this is Zach
So this is me, eh? My name is Zach, I'm in love and that's all that matters really.

There are a few other details about my life, but nothing of too much importance that you can't find within the entries of this journal. I tend to live my life happily and believe one of the keys to remaining that way is to never grow up completely. That's all I have to say about myself besides the fact that sometimes I can be a little... Well some might say insane.

Carpe Diem you silly potato.

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80's music, a perfect circle, ac/dc, adam sandler, adult swim, adventures, alice in chains, american history x, art, battle tactics, beatles, being creative, being loved, being silly, billy corgan, black sabbath, blacklights, books, boondocks, bowling, capt. dale dye, cheering up others, cheesecake, chocolate milk, coheed and cambria, comedy central, computers, concerts, corruption, dark materia, dave grohl, daydreaming, deep purple, dr. dre, ernest hemingway, erotica, fairs, family guy, fanfiction, fantasy, fate, final fantasy, flea markets, foo fighters, forest trails, frank sinatra, friends, full metal alchemist, games, germany, getting mail, grand theft auto, grunge, guitar, gundam wing, guns n' roses, harrison ford, holding hands, holding kaitlyn, hugging, ice cube, independent movies, individuality, intelligence, iron maiden, james taylor, jay-z, john lennon, jones soda, journalism, journey, kaitlyn o'neil, kevin smith, kissing, korn, kurt cobain, leather jackets, led zeppelin, lifestream, listening, literature, local concerts, lord of the rings, love, make believe, making music, marine biology, matt damon, metal, metallica, michael crichton, mountain dew, movies, music, nicky fuerte, nirvana, old school cartoons, orange soda, ozzy osbourne, peace, pearl jam, perverted senses of humor, pink floyd, pulp fiction, qotsa, queen, rage against the machine, random noises, reading, red hot chili peppers, reincarnation, robert frost, rolling stones, romance, rpgs, salvador dali, science fiction, scorsese, sealab 2021, seattle, secret missions, sensuality, sex, sheep, smashing pumpkins, snoop dogg, star wars, staying up late, steve vai, strategy, system of a down, the godfather trilogy, the matrix, the ocean, the simpsons, thrifting, timothy zahn, tolkien, tom clancy, tool, trigger happy tv, true love, u2, war, web design, world war 2, writing, zach estela, zelda

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