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Best Music, first half of 2009

Top ten albums, first half of 2009

1) maudlin of the Well – “Part the Second”
2) Grizzly Bear – “Veckatimest”
3) The Decemberists – “The Hazards of Love”
4) Mono – “Hymn to the Immortal Wind”
5) Dinosaur Jr. – “Farm”
6) Animal Collective – “Merriweather Post Pavilion”
7) Bill Callahan – “Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle”
8) Neko Case – “Middle Cyclone”
9) Candlemass – “Death Magic Doom”
10) U2 – “No Line on the Horizon”

Honorable Mentions:

Mos Def – “The Ecstatic”, Mastodon – “Crack the Skye”

MJ - Off the Wall, Thriller (of course not released this year, but it’s a special exception. They are just as much albums of 2009 now).
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